Audiovisual content for the tourism sector

RADIO TOURISM is a specialist agency for all types of radio communication covering the world of tourism. As all examples of delivered work on this website are in German, please understand that we only summarize our agency description in this short way in English.

The Idea

The entire focus of RADIO TOURISM is on different types of radio activities for tourism brands and companies. The client spectrum ranges from destinations and their management companies or representatives, through tour operators and travel agents, transport operators or tourism service providers of different kinds, up to shipping companies or entertainment promoters.

On the media side, RADIO TOURISM works primarily – but not exclusively – with all the private German radio stations (200 +) and, in this way, can always guarantee the opportunity of national broadcasting coverage.

The Background

RADIO TOURISM arose out of years of collaboration between Schlenker PR in Stuttgart and move communications in Munich.

Schlenker PR is the leading specialist agency for radio PR in Germany and knows the radio landscape of this country practically inside out.

move communications, in turn, has 25 years of know-how in branding for various companies in the tourism business.

The combination of skills and experience results in a unique portfolio of products and services for tourism and is, as a consequence, absolutely unique in the German agency market.

In addition, there is an assumption of absolute transparency, which is reflected, above all, in the documentation and preparation of all the finalized projects being entire and complete. This ensures full accountability and control of the efficiency and effectiveness of all the activities.

The Products

_ Topic-based editorial productions – approx. 4 times per year for destinations

_ Editorial productions customized to client’s specifications (reports, infotainment articles, competitions etc.)

_ Classical radio spots

_ Joint collaborations with related industries

_ Accompanying video offer

_ Media planning for radio

_ Podcasts

_ Workshops all around the topic of “Audio and Radio Communication” in Germany

NEW product: story2go audioguide


Get guests and visitors enthusiastic about your destination, provide entertaining knowledge, point out highlights – and also enable additional marketing opportunities later on. story2go from RADIO TOURISM is the modern audio guide app that runs on all smartphones and tablets with Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android.

Learn more about the audioguide app at story2go.eu